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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Finally back at Home

After two weeks of living with Honey I have moved to my permanent house at South Lakeshore.  My first night was a little rough, mostly on my mom, but I think the transition has gone well.  I am enjoying my lake  views despite the distinct smell of a fish kill.  I had lots of visitors today and I was pretty good until everyone left.  At that point I decided I had waited long enough to eat and let my folks know it!!

Get ready Kate!! India isn't that far away.  Shepard cant wait to meet her!

The many faces of Shepard and Paba

Shepard with new friends Paige and Katie...way to go Shep.  Congrats to Paige and Matt! Cant wait for
next Cinco de Mayo!

Worn out after a long Day!!

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