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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

hanging with my girls

This was taken prior to Kristin's departure back to Colorado and big man Harris. We were so happy she was able to meet lil Shep.
Shepard is still doing great, changing every day, but we have begun to notice a pattern. He really likes to sleep every 3 hours starting from 1am to 10am. But he has started to be a little grumpy from 6 p.m. to midnight. Is this the beginning of colic....i hope not!!

Also just a note to current and future not bend down below the changing station while your son has no one guarding the fire hose. My bald head apparently was too inviting of a target tonight during a changing. All I have to say is "Great shot Shepard!" Not sure what sport this translates to , but still very proud! and only at 8 days old!!
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  1. Oh, no! Just wait until he poops on you. Seriously, our twins could poop at distances up to 8 feet. It's impressive. Congratulations to you three!! =)