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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friends visit and my first Trip

Shepard has reached the milestone of 3 months...he is actually 13 weeks old on monday which is his parents 3 year anniversary.  Shepard continues to do great and is more and more interactive everyday.  He now smiles routinely when his parents try to entertain him.  He plays a mini version of peek a boo.  We (shannon) have been trying to get him more scheduled.  We are trying for a 3 hour set.  When he wakes he eats.  Then its playtime/baby Einstein time for 1-2 hours...followed by a 45 minute to hour nap.  He seems to like a 2.5 hour schedule and for now we go with the flow.

Shepard continues to wake up around 430AM.  This has been his habit for a couple of weeks now.  We are thinking of trying Babywise and letting him cry out the 430 session

Last week Shepard had his first house guest in Alice Haney.  We think they had a instant connection.  Although Mckinley seems to have taken an interest as well.

This week Shepard went on his first of many vacations.  We travelled to Shalimar on Thursday and returned today.  Shepard did pretty well with the 5 hour ride but we did make frequent stops and the trip took longer than usual.  Shepard did great in Florida no great change to his schedule other than we put him down a little earlier, around 7 Pm instead of 8-830.

We are now back in great BR...Shepard is up from his nap and having dinner...therefore Dad has time to feed chickens, water the lawn and blog

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  1. Love the pics! Glad that he likes vacations since his daddy LOVES to go on trips! :) Oh, and by the way, Shannon you look good! You go girl!
    Hugs to Alta :)