This is a blog concerning the life and times of Shepard Smith...We hope to update as many times as Shepard will allow

Sunday, September 11, 2011

IT has been way to long for an update.  Shepard has changed alot.  He is now smiling some laughing at his parents.  He sleeps pretty well usually from 9pm to 4ish and then 4 to 8.  He loves going outside.  IF he is ever crying and upset walking outside settles him down immediately.  He has sat on our front swing several times and likes to watch the coeds walk the lake.  He has started cooing here and there.

He went on his first road trip to N.O. to visit Kristen and her baby.

Also Dad has let mom have a couple of girls days out.  If you dont have milk ready when shepard wants it you are in big trouble!

Shepard was trying to show mom and dad that he was ready for football season...TOUCHDOWN!

Happy Buddha Baby

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